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Shoulder replacement surgeries take on new dimension at one San Diego hospital
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Shoulder replacement surgeries take on new dimension at one San Diego hospital

Dr. Rebolledo writes a commentary in the San Diego Union-Tribune on the future impact of artificial intelligence and technology in medicine. 

Not All Hip Pain is "Arthritis"

There can be numerous causes of non-arthritic hip pain, and the appropriate work-up is needed to help investigate potential causes. Dr. Rebolledo discusses how hip pain may present and what available options can help manage these symptoms. 

Dr. Rebolledo discusses the minimally invasive procedure known as hip arthroscopy, which has been dubbed the fastest growing procedure in sports medicine.  

Dr. Rebolledo discusses steps you can take to prevent injuries when getting back to your exercise regimen. 

Scripps Hospitals in La Jolla is #1 in San Diego according to the recent U.S. News & World Report.  Also Scripps continues to take its place as one of the nation's top hospital systems.

Read the recent articles in San Diego Magazine/San Diego Health that highlights Dr. Rebolledo's research on vitamin D and the use of hip arthroscopy to address athletic injuries of the hip. 

Read the San Diego Union-Tribune article on Dr. Rebolledo's research focused on the role of vitamin D for musculoskeletal health in NFL Combine athletes. 

Dr. Rebolledo was the lead author on a study that compared the use of a surgical simulator versus traditional didactic instruction for resident training.

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